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Fudmart Swap
8 min readFeb 17, 2021

Transcript of the AMA Session with IDcrypto Community about Fudmart Token and it’s Exchange Project

Moderator: Hello Mr. Chukwuka Obeleagu @Leverageppro

welcome to our community, we are glad to be with you here.

We have 3 sessions of the AMA, where each of your sessions will have questions to answer, and when you are done explaining, please say “done”

First Session

Moderator: Can you please introduce yourself and your background to us first?

Chukwuka Obeleagu: My name is Chukwuka Obeleagu from Nigeria. Am an Ex- Banker and Crypto Educator. I started my Cryptocurrency Journey from my YouTube Channel,

From Educating people about Cryptocurrency, I moved on to create token and start the Launching of a Decentralized Exchange, called Fudmart Swap (Currently being developed)

I have being in the Cryptocurrency industry for 5 years now

Moderator: Can you introduce about Fudmart to the IDCrypto community?

Chukwuka Obeleagu: Okay. Before I talk about Fudmart Token, let me talk about the name, Fudmart.

I came about the name when I voluntarily resigned from my Banking Job and wanted to start a Food mini Mart.

So instead of calling it a FoodMart, I shortened to Fudmart

And that was how the name Fudmart was born

So let me talk about Fudmart Token

Fudmart Token is the Token of Fudmart Swap. It is only 30000 token in total Supply. Currently trading on Uniswap Exchange at $5 per token. The token will be used for Airdrop Reward, Staking/Liquidity Mining Reward, Liquidity Pool Investing etc

We care about investors and users that is why the Exchange will be built on Binance Smart Chain because of the Low Transaction Fee on the BSC Network.


Very good, I hope the community can read it👍

I think Fudmart is very interesting to us,

Next, what is the best achievement that Fudmart has got so far?

Chukwuka Obeleagu:

Fudmart Token was created in late 2020, Since the Launch of the Token, we have achieved the following:

- Listed on Uniswap Exchange.

- On the 10th of February, it will be listed on Sushiswap Exchange at $14 per Token.

- We have started development of the Exchange.

When we finally Launch our Exchange, an Airdrop Reward will done to reward early Investors

Development of the Fudmart Exchange Project has began, and Airdrop Reward will be given to those who Qualify.

How to Qualify for the Fudmart Token Project Airdrop

- Buy and Hold Fudmart Token: Buy Fudmart Token and Hold your Token till Fudmart Token starts trading on the New Exchange. The amount of Fudmart Token you buy determines the Airdrop Reward you will receive.


- Invest in Fudmart Liquidity Pool: Stake your Fudmart Token and Ethereum on FMT Uniswap Liquidity Pool.


- Sign up to Fudmart Token Bot: and Refer a Minimum of 200 People to sign up to the Fudmart Token Airdrop Bot


can you give us the details and url, where can we buy FMT token?

Chukwuka Obeleagu:

There are only Three ways to buy Fudmart Token:

Buying from Uniswap requires Transaction fee but buying from the Website doesn’t require Transaction Fee

Minimum amount to buy is $20 FMT

Maximum is $2000 worth of FMT


Alright, the first session is over. We will continue to the Second session.


Question 1

Marketing is a central element for every project. So that everyone knows the potential that a project can bring is vital to achieve the goals set. What is your strategy to attract new users and Investor to Fudmart and keep them long term?

from @AmyMurid

Chukwuka Obeleagu:

From the Marketing standpoint, we have a Lot of strategies in play

These are our Marketing Strategies:

  • AMAs with different Crypto Communities
  • Medium Marketing
  • Telegram Marketing
  • Discord Community Marketing
  • YouTube and Facebook Promotions
  • Incentive driven Programs to encourage purchase of the Token, liquidity pool investing, Trading activities
  • Airdrop Reward etc

Most of these strategies are already being deployed.


Good strategy, I am personally interested in following the development of Fudmart😁

Thanks for answer👍

Question 2

On your twitter profile there are several different websites, then my question is, what isd the relationship between web design services ( with Fudmart Token?

from @jamess201999

Chukwuka Obeleagu:

Fudmart Technology Resources is a Registered company in Nigeria. As an Information Technology company, we have different arms of the company

Fudmart web design service handles and supervises web design projects related to Fudmart Token and Fudmart Exchange Project


Thank You 😊

Next question

Question 3

I can’t find a whitepaper on Fudmart Website, Can you explain the utility and use case of the FMT token?

from @NasgorRijal

Chukwuka Obeleagu :

Whitepaper is part of our To-Do List, along with the Road Map. They will be displayed on the Fudmart Token Website once they are ready.

And I have shared part of the Roadmap here

Here are some of the Token Purpose/utility:

  • Airdrop Reward
  • Staking/Liquidity Mining Reward
  • Liquidity Pool Investing
  • Liquidity Mining investing
  • Purchase new tokens on our Exchange Launchpad etc


Thanks For great answer😊

Okay next question

Question 4

Many investors sell their tokens on a large scale when the project is listing, one week makes the price of tokens go down, what are the benefits for holding FMT tokens?

from @kangcomlay

Chukwuka Obeleagu:

Price fluctuation is natural phenomenon with Finance in general whether it is Cryptocurrency or Fiat Currency.

But here is what we are doing to encourage people to Hold their tokens rather sell:

  • Airdrop Reward for Holders
  • Liquidity Pool Programs with earning potential
  • Liquidity Mining/Staking with incentives etc

I believe these options will encourage investors to Hold.

Also we limited the amount investors can purchase at $2000 Max.

That way no one hold an amount that will hurt the Price


Let’s go Guys, Buy and Hold 💪

Last question

Question 5

Of the many blockchains, starting from tron, bitcoin, atomic, binance smart chain, and many others, why did you choose Erc20? what are the advantages and reasons you choose it?

from @andinver

Chukwuka Obeleagu:

The Ethereum Ecosystem is the Largest Ecosystem in the Cryptocurrency space. So we decided to launch the Token as an Erc20 Token

However, the ethereum network is not perfect because of network congestion and high network fee

So we are building the Fudmart Exchange Project on Binance Smart Chain.

We care about our Investor and users, so choosing Binance Smart Chain means they pay low Transaction fees

Also the Exchange will have a bridge between ERC20 and BEP20

So it will be easy to move Fudmart Token from the Ethereum Ecosystem to the Binance Smart Chain Ecosystem

And also the Fudmart Exchange bridge will enable traders to trade any ERC20 token on the Binance Smart Chain


It’s true, gas fees really affect the course of a project especially for middle to lower class crypto players, Fudmart chose to move to Binance smart chain, I’m sure it will be a good choice for the future.

Chukwuka Obeleagu:

Yes, it’s a good decision for the future of Fudmart And it’s investors


Thank you for the detail answer😁😁

You are very excited in the second session, sir, thank you for answering the questions in detail.

I hope the community can understand your explanation.

Alright, the second session is over. We will continue to the third session.

In this third session, we will activate the chat feature again, the participants are allowed to give direct questions.

Attention ‼️ Rule Session 3 🔥🔥🔥

🔹Don’t copy and paste question from anywhere

🔹Send maximun 2 chat for 1 question, but you can send many question

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👌If you don’t follow the rules, you will be dissed from the list of winners

Don’t forget to join



Please answer 5 or more questions as you like, but there will only be 5 winners

Chukwuka Obeleagu:

Wow… Lots of Questions.😄

But I will pick only the Questions that I have not addressed

So if I don’t answer your question don’t be angry, just refer to my answers to similar questions

Q1: Is Fudmart a global project or local project? Can anybody from anywhere use Trustbase services (I mean developers) without any restrictions??

Chukwuka Obeleagu: Fudmart is a Global Project. There are no restrictions

Q2: Most new DeFi projects are just copies of existing ones, they are just useless. So, what’s unique about your project & what makes $Fudmart trustable as a long term project for users and investors?

Chukwuka Obeleagu: Fudmart token and it’s Exchange is not a Copy. I believe it’s the first Exchange that is primarily focused on Rewarding it’s Users Loyalty with the Airdrop Programs, Liquidity Pool and Mining/Staking Programs.

This I believe is a Good reason for any investor who wants a Good return on Investment to be a part of Fudmart Token

Q3: Is your FMT token listed on major exchange? And what are the ways to get more tokens?

Chukwuka Obeleagu: Fudmart Token is trading on Uniswap Exchange and Sushiswap Exchange.

Listing on Binance Exchange is our Ultimate Goal but we have to Prove ourselves first.

Q4: How does Fudmart provide transparency and safety for their users and what sort of a reward structure is there for the token holders?

Chukwuka Obeleagu: Transparency and Trust is very important to our Project.

There is nothing to fear from our Project. Here is why:

  • Token supply is only 30000 Tokens. Once we are done with Listing on Exchanges, team token will be locked along with the Liquidity Tokens. This is to Prevent Rug Pulling and Dumping by the Dev. Team
  • Our Reward Structure is designed to Reward active and loyal Users.

Q5: As we know, there are lots of projects spend a lot of money on marketing to sell their tokens. However, after that they left the project unfinished and did not even care about the growth of the token. What does FUDMART think about this? What will FUDMART do to keep the project and token afloat?

Chukwuka Obeleagu:

We are not those type of Projects. Let me show you the Logo of our Exchange.

So we are seriously working to make this Project to launch successful.

So I advise you buy the token right now at $5 Per Token because soon it won’t be available at that price

Q6: From where I can buy Fudmart token? Currently is it listed on any exchange?

Chukwuka Obeleagu: Fudmart Token is trading on Uniswap Exchange and Sushiswap Exchange.

Q7: For project development, the main priority is to have sufficient funds. Is Fudmart team financially able to carry out this project? Do you have sufficient funds for development?And how we can get benefits from Fudmart project?

Chukwuka Obeleagu:

We have enough funds but we are always open to having more Funds from investors.

And we have plans for Such Investors

I believe I have answered the Major Questions regarding Fudmart Token and it’s Project


Thank you sir, Before we end, would you like to share something with us?

Chukwuka Obeleagu:

Fudmart Token is Scarce

Only 30000 tokens exist

Price before end of 2021 is above $1000

If you dont buy it now at $5, just know that you will miss the best opportunity of 2021

If you want to be a Shareholder of the Exchange and earn from 30% of the Revenue Generated, Inbox me on Telegram @leverageppro for discussion



We declare AMA’s Series IDCrypto with Fudmart is Done. 🥳🥳🥳🥳

Thanks to Mr. Chukwuka

who gave us the time to share this knowledge, I hope we will understand more about Fudmart

Thank you to the participants who have attended this event to the end.

the winners will be announced soon🥳🥳🥳


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Fudmart Swap

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